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    Henan Shenma card hexamethylene diamine

    English name: 1,6-HEXANEDIAMINE CAS Number: 124-09-4
    Alias: 1,6-hexane diamine Molecular formula: C6H16N2
    EINECS number: 204-679-6 Content ≥: 99.5%
    Origin / Manufacturer: What

    My company specializes in distribution of perennial supply of Henan Shenma brand of superior grade refined hexamethylenediamine, Zibo double Jie warehouse standing inventory 35 tons, 160 kilograms of original drums, excellent quality, brand assurance, supply stability, and welcome to purchase a large quantity available directly from the factory in delivery. Henan Shenma card hexamethylene diamine

    Properties: white crystal-like blades, specific gravity 0.85, melting point ≥40.7 ℃, boiling point 204-205 ℃, flash point 81 ℃, natural point 390-420, soluble in water, alcohol and ether in the air easily absorb water and carbon dioxide, adipic amines are severe corrosive liquid that can irritate the eyes, skin and respiratory tract.

    Uses: mainly used for intermediate nylon 66 or nylon 610 and other fiber and resin, also used as a polyurethane resin, epoxy curing agent, is also used to prepare organic crosslinking agents, adhesives, aerospace coatings and rubber vulcanization accelerator and the like.


    project index

    Excellence in goods

    First grade


    Molten appearance

    Colorless transparent liquid

    Hexamethylenediamine mass fraction /% ≥


    Aqueous solution (700g / L) chroma / platinum - cobalt color number / Hazen units ≤


    Water mass fraction /% ≤




    Crystallization point / ℃ ≥




    Polarographic value / [mmol (isobutyrate) / t (1,6- hexamethylene diamine)] ≤



    Trans-1,2-diamino cyclohexane (sham-diaminocyclohexane) content / (mg / kg) ≤


    twenty four


    Storage: The product should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated, non-combustible material warehouse structures, Henan Shenma licensing hexamethylene diamine storage temperature should be controlled below 30 ℃, relative humidity should be controlled below 80%.Away from fire, heat, strong oxidants, acids stored in isolation. 200 kg galvanized tin pails.

    Production methods Introduction: adiponitrile as raw material, Raney nickel catalyst, at 74 ℃, 2.2MPa, the hydrogenation reaction by gas (H 2), liquid (adiponitrile, NaOH, ethanol) and solid phase (Raney nickel) in the form of a three-phase fluidized reaction, the reaction product was filtered, Henan Shenma card from alcohol to obtain crude hexamethylene diamine hexamethylene diamine, and then by dehydration, coke, topping, distillation fine hexamethylene diamine finished.

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