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    Kam isopropanol

    English name: Isopropanol CAS Number: 67-63-0
    Alias: Anhydrous isopropanol Molecular formula: C3H8O
    EINECS number: 200-661-7 Content ≥: 99.9%
    Origin / Manufacturer: Jinzhou Petrochemical model: Industrial
    density: 0.78 g / cm3 Implementation of quality standards: GB
    Packing: 160kg / barrel Product quality: Gifted class

    Jinzhou Petrochemical Industrial isopropanol Shu isopropanol, our company is Kam Shandong distributor, the main distribution of its production of industrial-grade isopropyl alcohol, Changzhou standing inventory 200 tons tanker ship, large favorably, welcomed the purchase. I also agents of Yancheng in Jiangsu Su Puer production of pharmaceutical grade isopropyl alcohol, Jinan standing inventory 30 tons, 160kg / barrel (new galvanized iron) more than five tons from the set, stable supply, adequate volume, welcomed the purchase.

    1. Basic information

    (1) Content: 99.9% min

    (2) Packing: 160kg / drum

    (3) Properties: Isopropyl alcohol is a colorless flammable liquid, similar to ethanol odor. With water, alcohol, ether, and chloroform immiscibility.

    (4) hazard classes: Class 3 Flammable liquids.

    2. Production processes and uses

    2.1. Raw materials and production methods.

    (1) industrial grade isopropanol Shu Jinzhou Petrochemical Production Engineering isopropanol propylene hydrolysis. Upstream raw material is propylene.Divided into direct and indirect hydration hydration.

    In addition, the use of zeolite catalytic hydration of propylene isopropanol improvement process method is very promising.

    (2) acetone hydrogenation. Upstream raw material is acetone. Mainly due to excess acetone, isopropyl alcohol and acetone prices upside down (one consumer use is traditionally isopropanol dehydrogenation acetone) Yancheng Su Puer uses this method.

    Propylene and water in the presence of a catalyst heated, pressurized hydration reaction. After water was added and propylene were pressurized mixing reactor, hydration reaction. Celite was added phosphoric acid catalyst or a tungsten-based catalyst, the reaction after distillation, extraction and other processes, the content of isopropyl alcohol was generally about 99%. Indirect hydration is sulfuric acid. Selectivity of 99% isopropanol, propylene distillation after the purity of 99.9%, by-product of diisopropyl ether.

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